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General information regarding the day-to-day occurrences at
The Lamb Of God School


Igniting Faith

Is it audacity or a holy boldness that led us to choose “Igniting Faith” as part of our tag line? We know only God can ignite a heart. Yet our desire to see children mature spiritually has only grown over these thirty years. Young people are no different than adults in their ability to connect with God. Some people are more attuned and others need to grow in awareness, listening and responding.

So how do we hope to accomplish “Igniting Faith?” In our own strength, we cannot create an environment filled with love and grace. However, God has drawn to us teachers, staff and families who desire to seek God first in their lives. Many times, I have heard people remark that they sensed God’s presence when they entered our building. Once, the three-year-old son of a former teacher visited us for the fi rst time. As he stood in the lobby, he said, “Mommy, God is here!” This recognition of God’s presence, I can only guess, is the result of seeking the Lord and humbly trying to follow His leading each day.

The initial faith deposits in our students were planted before they ever entered our building. Our partnership with parents is to cultivate this faith. Morning prayer, weekly Chapels, seeing God in our studies, walking with our students in joys and sorrows is the scaffolding that supports faith. Reading the Bible and realizing together that this message is for me, now is what ignites the heart. We have also noticed that some of our students have developed relationships that last into high school and college. Through our school, God has provided a community of believers to walk with into adulthood. Alumni often return and tell us what God is doing with them and give thanks for the role the school has played.

Our boldness to claim “Igniting Faith” is not based on what we are doing but on watching what the Holy Spirit is doing and doing our best to cooperate with Him.

Eileen Clark