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About Us

The Lamb of God School offers preliminary answers to the most frequently asked questions about faculty, financial aid, after school care and other topics. For further information, contact us at: 410.242.4100.

How large is your student body?

We currently have 145 students in Grades Kindergarten through Grade 8. There is just one class at each grade. Our intention is to have no more than 24 students in each grade.

How large is your faculty?

We have 13 full-time faculty members and 7 part-time.

What about financial aid?

Since we are a small school, we have limited resources for financial aid. New families are not eligible for aid. Current families may apply in the spring. We do offer a discounted tuition rate for multiple children.

Do you accept students with learning difficulties?

We do accept some students with learning issues. It depends on the severity of the student’s need, the ways the student has already learned to compensate and the other needs currently in that particular class.

Often students with learning differences require outside services in language processing, reading, math or in writing. We are not equipped to provide these services but often the parents will hire specialists to come into the school during the school day to work with their child.

Students who have difficulty staying on task or completing work or who have been diagnosed with ADHD need to have an effective behavior modification program in place to support their own and their class’ academic progress.

Do you have After-School Care?

We offer After School Care in order to meet the needs of the families who are unable to pick up their children at dismissal time. The hours of operation are 3:00 to 6:00. (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) On Wednesdays (or other early dismissal days) the hours are 1:40 – 6:00. The cost is currently $4 per hour for regular weekly attendees and $5 per hour for occasional attendees, calculated daily and billed monthly.

Do you have a full day Kindergarten?

No and yes… we have a morning session that is our half-day Kindergarten program from 8:25 – 12:00.

For those families in need of full-day care we offer an afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment program. This program includes a time for lunch, followed by age-appropriate activities in the afternoon from 12:00 until 3:00 with the Kindergarten teacher. These activities will not be part of the Kindergarten program so that students who go home at noon will not be missing Kindergarten curriculum activities. There is an additional charge for the afternoon session.

After 3:00, Kindergarten students may be enrolled in the regular After-School Care program.

How do students rate nation-wide in standardized testing?

We are very pleased with our standardized testing scores. Our students take the Stanford 10 Achievement Test. Many of our students score well-above grade level when compared with the national averages. These tests were taken last November. Click Here to see the results.

“A place where both the student's mind and heart is challenged… A place marked by academic and spiritual growth, supported by dedicated teachers
and staff.”

– Ginny, LOG parent