Responding to the love of God, and recognizing that parents are the primary educators of children, The Lamb of God School supports Christian families by providing a vibrant Christian education for our students.

An Educational Environment based on Christian Virtues
Our goal is to equip children to respond generously and effectively to God’s call to service and leadership in the Church, family, and society. In seeking to achieve this goal, we provide a rigorous curriculum in an outstanding educational environment where Christian virtue is both modeled and nurtured.


Statement of Faith

The Lamb of God School was established as an educational ministry of a Christ-centered, charismatic renewal community comprised of Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, and non-denominational Christians.

As an interdenominational Christian ministry, The Lamb of God School calls all of its students, faculty, and parents to an ever deeper commitment to believing, living, and spreading the central elements of the Christian faith held in common by the historic Christian churches.

In particular, The Lamb of God School affirms:

  • The need for personal knowledge of God as Father through Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in the power of the Holy Spirit,

  • The Scriptures of both Old and New Testament as the inspired Word of God that contain power to enlighten minds and transform lives,

  • The Apostle’s and Nicene creeds as authoritative interpretation of the Scriptures,

  • Traditional biblical morality including sanctity of life from conception to natural death; marriage as the only context for sexual love, and the duty of all Christians to support the work of the church and provide for the needs of the poor out of their financial resources,

  • The call for all Christians to spread the gospel in word and deed.

  • The Lamb of God School takes no position on the doctrinal differences between the historic Christian churches. 

The Lamb of God School encourages parents, staff and students to take initiative to seek greater understanding of the distinctive aspects of their own church’s particular teachings and practices. At the same time, The Lamb of God School attempts to promote the awareness that what biblical Christians hold in common is greater than that which divides them.