Tuition and Fees




Number of Students



Tuition Amount


1 Full Time Student


1 Kindergartener


1 Kindergartener Full time


1 Full + 1 Kindergarten


1 Full + 1 Kindergarten Full time


2 Full Time Students


2 Full + 1 Kindergarten


2 Full + 1 Kindergarten Full time


3 Full Time Students


3 Full + 1 Kindergarten


3 Full + 1 Kindergarten Full time


4+ Full Time Students




Book Fees:

              $100 per student for Kindergarten

              $150 per student for Grades 1-5

              $225 per student for Grades 6-8, includes Computer Fees


SCRIP Fundraising:         $150 in SCRIP profits or $200 buyout fee per family

Parents Club Fee:            $15 per family

Fees for 2022-2023

A testing fee of $30 (non-refundable) is paid at the time of entrance testing.

The non-refundable registration fee of $100 must be paid no later than thirty days after acceptance to continue the application process for all students. A family maximum of $300 applies. This fee will be credited toward the tuition owed.

Tuition is payable through FACTS Tuition Management Services with the following options:

In a single payment: Payment should be made in full (less a discount fee of $100) to The Lamb of God School by July 1st

In two payments: 50% due in July and January to FACTS

In four payments: 25% due July, October, January and March to FACTS

In ten payments: Beginning in August and ending in May to FACTS

In twelve payments: Beginning in July and ending in June to FACTS

Visit the FACTS Management Site here: